Top 20 Inspiring Hobbies That Make Money

We all have hobbies which we are enjoying during our leisure time. Most people don’t enjoy what they do for earning and likely work only to pay the bills. But some people are fortunate to do what they love and earn a good income.

We don’t typically get into hobbies to make money, but it is possible to make money from certain hobbies.

Here are the Top Lucrative Hobbies that Make Money,

1. Dancing

Many of us love to dance. Most people dance as a hobby and learn about various types of dancing. Dancing also has health benefits like burning calories, strengthening muscles, and increasing flexibility. Dancing can be a very lucrative hobby too.

You can earn well from dancing by the below ways,

  • Dance Instructor – Dance instructors teach dance movements and techniques to individuals and groups. You can specialize in one or more dance genres such as Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Jazz, Ballroom, Folk Dance, etc.
  • Dance Influencer – You can start your own Youtube channel, Tiktok profile, Facebook page, and Instagram profile to promote your skills. You can monetize your videos and also earn from affiliate marketing. Here are The Top 10 Dancers on YouTube – You can see how good they earn.
  • Dance Choreography – You can provide your expertise in choreography services in films, commercials, music videos, etc.
  • Perform in Special Events – You can perform at special events like parties, social gatherings, weddings, anniversaries, etc.

2. Traveling

Travel is a hobby for most people that provides the opportunity to get the experience of different cultures and build new relationships. It provides a great way to refresh your life daily basis with new experiences.

Many people have the privileged to make a full-time income by traveling and doing what they love to do. Following are some ways travelers earn good money.

  • Influencer Marketing – Advertisers reach travelers to provide a shoutout of their product/service to their audience. Travelers provide reviews on these products and services for an amount which they agreed.
  • Affiliate Marketing – Travellers share their products or equipment used on traveling with their website, social media platforms, and youtube. You can include special affiliate tracking links to those products so that when someone used your link and buy a product, you will earn a commission out of it.
  • Destination Marketing – In some countries, the tourism boards will invite travelers to visit and share the experiences with their audience. They provide airfare, accommodation, transport, and also a campaign amount for them their service.
  • Display Advertising – You can earn a commission from the display advertisements on your travel website.
  • Youtube Monetization & Sponsor Ads – Youtube will provide revenue for you once monetization is activated. Also, travelers will get collaboration invitations from various advertisers for sponsored advertisements.
  • Tour Planning – You can start a tour planning business with your experience in traveling.

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3. Creative Designing

Some people have creativity inbuilt in themselves as a born gift. Lots of people enjoy doing creative things like drawing, painting, designing, etc. Some have invested the time to sharpen their skills to keep marketable skills. These talents can be turned into a good profession with a significant income.

Creative people usually have something to look forward to outside normal. Following are some ways for creative people to earn good money while sticking to their hobby.

  • Digital Advertising Design – This is the design of various forms of digital advertising content such as Facebook Posts, Instagram Photos, Pinterest Pins, Tik Tok Videos, Banner Ads on Websites, Logos, Flyers, and Brand Toolkits.
  • Mural Painting – Mural painting is in the form of artwork that is done on walls and tiles. Many corporates get the mural painting service to paint amazing wall art in their interior.
  • Interior Designer – Interior designers provide their consultancy for customers to make their interior spaces functional, safe, and beautiful. Interior designers make indoor spaces functional, safe by selecting essential decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials. Sketching ability and computer knowledge is essential for this.
  • Calligraphy – Calligraphers specialize in handwriting using special ink and tools to write words in creative styles. People seek the service of calligraphers on writing in various types of cards including, invitation cards, wedding cards birthday cards.

Following are the 30 most gainful business ideas for creative people like you.

4. DIY Products Creating

Some people like to do Do-It-Yourself stuff. They get into creativity skills which they event don’t know exist. This can turn into a very lucrative money-earning idea since people prefer to buy handmade products now.

If you enjoy working with your hands with your creative skills, there are plenty of things to make and sell. Online platforms like Etsy are a great way to sell DIY products. Some of the DIY product ideas are given below.

  • Refurbish Furniture – Furniture restoration experts transform old or broken furniture products into something new. The restoration process involves re-painting, sanding, applying new appliances.
  • Tooth Paste Maker – Paste or gel dentifrice used with a toothbrush to clean and maintain teeth.
  • Carpentry – Carpentry professionals create, maintain, repair, or refurbish residential and commercial wood-related items.
  • Hair Clip Maker – To secure hair without pulling or breaking it.

Refer to the below article for The Best Innovative DIY Handmade Craft Businesses Ideas which you can start today.

5. Beauty

Everyone likes to be beautiful and attractive. But some do this as a hobby to be extra careful about themself and also help to improve the beauty of others.

The beauty industry demand is increasing day by day. Ladies are willing to sacrifice their budget for beauty, and now gents too. As a hobby, the beauty business is a great opportunity to do what you like while making a very profitable income.

Following are some ways for you can earn from beauty business,

  • Hairstylist – Hairstylists are professionals who apply various styles to customers’ hair.
  • Makeup Artist – Professional makeup artists are experienced in proper products to use, where to use them, and in what intensity to ensure to enhance the true beauty.
  • Cosmetics Shop – Cosmetics store sells cosmetics products like hair care, shampoo, hair oil, skin creams, face cream, and body care products.
  • Beauty Youtube Channel – You can easily build your credibility in beauty nice and showcase your personality from your youtube channel. This is a great way to engage with your audience and earn thousands with affiliate marketing or promoting your products.

You can refer to the following article for the Top 20 Beauty Business Ideas, which you can earn a very lucrative income,

6. Video Gaming

Including you and me, almost everyone has played video games at some point in their lives. Our brains grab onto video games because they are structures that exist to be avoided. Despite all the negative effects of playing video games extensively, this has many positives including increasing problem-solving skills.

Many people play video games as a hobby. The good part is that you can earn some good money out of this hobby. Following are some ways for you to earn good from playing games,

  • Live Stream – You can aim to build a large audience that you can monetize with ads. Twitch, HitBox, Afreeca are some leading live stream platforms, YouTube is also an option.
  • Youtube Channel – You can create your youtube channel to provide Game Guides, Reviews, Tutorials for your audience.
  • Participate in Video Game Tournaments – There are various video game tournaments available. You can participate in those and earn prices.
  • Games Blog Website – You can create your blog website to publish articles about games. You can monetize through display ads and affiliate links.
  • Game Tester – Before games are released by the development companies, they will hire games for testing and find any issues. Your responsibility will be to check everything the developer wants you to look at and find any issues.

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7. Socializing

You could be a person with a social personality, who enjoys spending time with others. Social people enjoy talking and the company of other people. They have friends who know them all over.

Socializing is a hobby because some people enjoy it. This hobby opens different ways to earn a good income, like below,

  • Event Management – Event management is the easiest to start a business for a social person. Social people have good communication, organizing, multitasking, and negotiation skills which helps them to easily grow this business higher.
  • Brokering – a social person can easily set up any brokering business like antique product broker, real estate broker, insurance sales broker, credit card broker, buy and sell businesses, etc.
  • Wedding Planner – A wedding planner will typically meet the couple and understands their needs and wants of the event. The planner will help the couple with almost all the tasks before the wedding day and on the big day.
  • Pary Good Rental – A party rental service helps people to get the products or services to make their party a fun-filled event. Check the 15 Most Lucrative Party Rental Business Ideas to start this business today.

8. Writing

Some people like to enjoy spending time by themselves by writing. It could be a real-world or an imaginary world, writers like to get their thoughts into a blank sheet.

Writing is a great hobby that can work wonders for you. it is very profitable too. Below are some ways which you can earn good from writing as a hobby,

  • Publish a Book – You have to invest your time and low cost to write and publish a book.
  • Blogging – This is the relatively easiest writing-related business to start. The best thing about it is that it can be turned into a lucrative income source.
  • Freelance Writing – A freelance content writer creates various types of content online. You can create content for various channels such as newspapers, magazines, websites, press releases, blog posts, emails, and newsletters.
  • eBook Publish – eBook is easy to book publishing method glad to technological enhancements. AmazonKoboPubliciousIngramSparkIndieMosh, and iBook are some online book publishing platforms available in the world for you to publish your book and earn revenue.

You can watch the below youtube video on how Mia earned a good income in one-month blogging,

9. Spending Time with Pets

Some people like to spend their time with pets. Spending some time with a lovely pet can leave you feeling more relaxed and calm and relieve stress. Below are some ways in which you can earn a profit if you love spending time with pets,

  • Pet Grooming – A pet groomer is responsible for caring and grooming pets hygienically. A pet groomer will make the pets neat looking as possible, mainly taking care of their nails, ears, and fur.
  • Pet Sitting – Pet sitters provide care for pets while their owners are on holiday or out of the home.
  • Dog Walking – People provide service for a temporary period to take others dogs to a walk.

10. Coding

Some people are born techies. You could be one who quickly solves technology-related problems in an effortless way. Coding can be learned during leisure time thanks to the huge content of youtube videos and free courses available. All that’s required is a computer and an internet connection to start.

Following are some ways for coders to earn money while doing what they like to do:

  • Freelancing – freelancing is the most common way that coders earn money. There are plenty of freelance platforms available like Fiverr, Upwork, SimplyHired, Freelancer, and Toptal.
  • Develop Mobile App – You can develop a mobile app that resolves the day-to-day issues of the users. It is possible to earn from advertising, in-app purchases, and referral marketing.
  • Develop Websites – Codes develop websites for others and earn a good amount for their efforts. Earnings per website vary from around $100 to $30,000, based on the scope of work.
  • Develop and Sell Web Plugins – Codes can develop and earn from web plugins. As an example, there are plenty of developers who develop plugins for WordPress.
  • Develop a Mobile Game – You can develop a mobile game to attract users. It is possible to earn from advertising, in-app purchases, and referral marketing.
  • Become a Coding Tutor – You can teach your coding expertise to others from the leading online platforms available.
  • Develop SasS Platform – You can develop software as a service platform. Some examples are Zendesk, FreshBooks, and Canva.

You may watch the below video on How to Make $10,000/Month with SaaS (Software-as-a-Service),

11. Yoga

Yoga is a physical, mental, and spiritual practice to control and stable the mind and body to recognize wellness. There are people who do Yoga as a lifelong hobby.

Following are some ways to earn from Yoga,

  • Yoga Training – Most yoga classes are offered in both physical and online spaces. Youtube is a good platform to attract new customers and showcase your talent. They teach students different stretching poses, meditation techniques, and mindfulness living.
  • Yoga Youtube Channel – You can create your youtube channel to provide yoga instructions, guides, and tips for your audience.

12. Comedy

Some people have a good sense of humor as a born character within them. These people always enjoy themselves with their companions. They enjoy comedy as a hobby. Other people feel fun and comfortable with them and they are the mood fixers in any situation.

This hobby opens various lucrative income streams as well. Following are some,

  • Social Media – Social media is a great way to attract an audience for comedy-related videos/photos. A typical example is the Senegalese-born TikToker/Instagram Influencer Khaby Lame who publishes silent overly complicated life hack videos on TikTok. He charges brands around $50,000 for a single promotional video on TikTok with an estimated net worth of $5 million in 2022 (More Info: – Khaby Lame Net Worth 2022: the Silent TikTok Millionaire).
  • Youtube – Youtube is a great way to monetize your comedy videos and publish yourself as a star.
  • Affiliate Marketing – When people like you and trust you, you can promote various products and services for a commission. Many brands like to promote themself via social media stars.

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13. Photography

Photography is a more or less hobby for all of us. This adds so much value to our lives by capturing memories of events, places, and people. This can become a lucrative income source too.

Following are some ways to earn from your photography skills,

  • Offer event photography services – even photography is a very reliable service with good profit. You can offer your event photography services as various packages to your customers.
  • Sell your stock photos / videos online – You can sell your stock photos with various websites such as shutterstockistockphotoalamydreamstime, and gettyimage.
  • Photo Booth Rental – Photo booth machines contain an automated camera and backdrop, which snaps pictures of people while they are having fun with props. You can set up the portable photo booth using a camera, backdrop, props, and other required equipments.
  • Sell your photos to magazines – You can sell your photos to magazines such as Dodho MagazineF-Stop MagazineHarper’s MagazineNoice Magazine, and Lucy’s Magazine.
  • Sell your photos at gallery events in your city – You can search about local events in your city and sell your photos at those events. This is a great way to establish a loyal customer base and also be visible to your community as a professional photographer.
  • Teach photography expertise to others – you can sell your experience as a course or tuition class to a potential customer base. You can start your youtube channel and upload photography content to this. Also, you can partnership with course providers such as udamy to create photography lessons to earn a good income.
  • Sell photography equipment – You can also start a photography equipment selling business with the reputation and customer base you have obtained. Photography equipment such as cameras, flashers, lenses, batteries, backdrops, and lighting can be sold with good profit margins.

14. Brokering / Trading

Negotiation, agreements, cost-benefit analysis, and discussions are part of some people’s lives with their willingness. These people do broker or trading-related activities as a hobby naturally. If you have the likeness and willingness for these, the following are some great ways to earn,

  • Antique Product Broker – Antiques are generally known as the items like clothes, artwork, woodwork, jewelry, etc which are more than 100 years old. There is a huge profit margin of these details if you do it properly by understanding the antique product valuation and market conditions.
  • Drop Service – Drop servicing is where you sell a service to a customer for a price (e.g. $200) and hire someone to perform the service on behalf of you for the client at a lower price (e.g. $150). The difference is the profit for you. Customers will not know that you have hired someone else to do the service.
  • Art Deal – Big corporates in interior design, hospital, education, real estate industries often seek to buy original artwork. You can be in contact with the artists and be a dealer to earn a good commission out of these sales.
  • Real Estate Broker – Real estate is a lucrative business from the good old days to the current years. The broker segment of the real estate business is a huge market with growth potential.
  • Dropshipping – Dropshipping is a trending online reselling business practice where the factory ships the product to the consumer on behalf of the retailer. The retailer acts as the middle man to sell the goods to the buyer with a profit margin and place the order with the manufacturer on behalf of the buyer. The retailer can enjoy zero inventory cost.
  • Consignment Store – A consignment store is a shop that sells items that owners do no longer want (such as old clothes, shoes, and equipment). Consignment stores re-sell those used products with a profit margin.

15. Cooking / Baking

Most people have likeness and skills in cooking and baking. Bakery products have a wide range of variety of cakes, cookies, muffins, bread, biscuits, cupcakes, and pastries. If you are creative, you can think and bake your innovative products.

Following are some ways you can earn from cooking/baking,

  • Sell your Bakery Products Online – Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, Zomato are some online food delivery platforms available in the USA. You can register your own food company on these platforms to get orders from customers.
  • Alliance with Local Fast Food Shops – You can make the contact with the local fast food shops to sell your products through their shops.
  • Get Custom Orders – You can promote your brand to get the custom orders so that you can prepare and make those bulk orders. Most people need the food items service which they can make an order for their events.

16. Announcing / Public Speaking

Some people are born talented in public speaking. Some people like public speaking as a hobby and develop the skills based on the experience they get. Announcing and public speaking is a rate skill which you can earn well from following,

  • Event Host – There are various corporate and personal events in which people get the service from a host.
  • Voiceover Artist – Voiceover artists will do the off-camera voice records to accompany the video/audio productions. A voice-over artist speaks well with the right attitude and tone as per the script given.
  • TV/Radio Announcer – Announcing is a good profession where you can appear on various media programs.

17. Craft

Creative professionals do craft product making as a hobby, ranging from small handmade textiles to large product portfolios. This is a very rare skill that many people do not have.

Please refer to the following article to find out 40 Best Innovative DIY Handmade Craft Businesses Ideas,

18. Driving

Driving is a hobby of some people who enjoy the experience of around the sights. They enjoy the overall feel of the vehicle they are driving. There are many ways of earning from driving,

  • Ride Share – Online platforms like Uber, Lyft can easily help you to start and earn from rideshare.
  • Food Delivery – You can deliver food from shops to customers’ homes. Platforms like Uber eats, Lyft, GrubHub, Zomato are leading platforms that facilitate this.
  • Courier Service – You will get income for the packages you deliver from one location to another. All you need is to have a suitable vehicle and a mobile phone to start your courier service.

19. Music

Music is the hobby of people who like to sing or play an instrument. Some people have the talent for both. Listening to music can be relaxing for the soul, mind, and body.

Following are some ways which you can earn from music,

How to Make Money with Music: 6 Reliable Ways for Musicians to Monetize – Article Published By

20. Be With Children

Being with children may not feel boring if you love spending time with kids. They make you incredibly happy and delighted in a way no one else can or ever could.

Following are some earning ideas while you can be with kids,

  • Day Care Service – Parents drop their child in the daycare during the day when parents are going out of home for work. Daycare provides child supervision and learning.
  • Children’s Book Writer – This is the ideal business if you have ideas that inspire and connect with children, writing skills with a good eye for attractive content.

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