40 Best Innovative DIY Handmade Craft Businesses Ideas

Craft products are goods handmade by artisans or creative people. Creative professionals engaged in craft product making from small handmade textiles to the large product portfolio in art galleries.

People like to buy handmade craft products because they are made with sustainable materials, higher quality, good durability, and support the local economy.

Here are the Best 40 Innovative DYI Handmade Craft Businesses Ideas,

1. Greeting Cards

Greeting card design is a very profitable niche since with the continuous customer demand this product has. People buy greeting cards on various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, life event success, newborns, etc.

You can earn a very good profit on this business if you have the skills to design eye-catching innovative greeting cards which trigger the emotions of people to buy them.

Youtube Video: How to Make Handmade Birthday Cards,

2. Shoe Maker

Shoemaking is an easy do-it-yourself small business. There are different types of ladies and gents’ shoes like Sports, Boat, Sandles, Flip Flops, High Heels, Boots, Loafers, Code Shoes, etc. You can research to identify what types of shoes which you are like to make and start the work. There are plenty of guides available on youtube for you to watch and learn the shoe-making process.

Youtube Video: Sandal Making In 15-Minutes,

3. Pottery Creator

Pottery making is the most pleasing handmade craft business which has various subsets of it. This requires throwing, trimming, carving, firing skills which you can catch up on and improve with experience.

There are four basic types of pottery and those are porcelain, stoneware, earthenware, and Bone China. You can research these and find out what type of pottery you would like to create. Also, there are plenty of pottery products like pipes, raku bowls, ollas, effigy pots, pitch vessels, pitchers, wedding vases, micaceous bean pots, seed pots, redware bowls. You can design unique innovative products by utilizing your creative skills with your experience in this business.

Youtube Video: How To Make Ceramics At Home,

4. Basket Weaver

Basket weaving is a lucrative craft business because most people want to buy the perfect home decoration item, no matter the seasonality. These handmade basket-related items can be used as wall decor, small vegetable storage, bathroom organizer to store towels, flower holder, key holder, etc.

People like to purchase these because these handmade products add beauty to the house. This is a very lucrative business idea if you research the products and try to wave the premium-looking baskets with innovative designs.

Youtube Video: Making a Basket – Start to Finish,

5. Headband Maker

Headband (also known as sweatband) worn around the head for multiple purposes. Headbands are worn as a fashion trend, to absorb sweat, to keep hair out of the face. There are many designs of headbands these days with eye-catching designs and good fabric. This is a product which you can make in your home easily, without having a larger cost investment.

Youtube Video: Making a Basket DIY Headband Making Tutorial,

6. Dry Flower Business

Dry flowers have a wide market demand which is used to make handmade paper, candleholders, lampshades, vases, photo frames, books, gift cards, etc. The dry flowers are used to enrich the appearance of these products.

Youtube Video: Dried Flowers Business Secrets,

7. Refurbish Furniture

Furniture restoration professionals help their customers by transforming old or broken furniture products into something new. The restoration process involves re-painting, sanding, applying new appliances.

You need to have a good understanding of how the furniture is constructed, and also a creative mindset to give a new look for those. Also, you need to know the art and era of the furniture if you are planning to work on antique furniture product restoration.

Youtube Video: How to Refinish Furniture,

8. Ice Sculpture Business

Ice sculptures can fit any event theme. These ice sculptures always surprising to people just to see how versatile it is. We can see these used at weddings, parties, and other social events to showcase prestige. Sculptures vary from brand logos to any shape which is requested.

Youtube Video: Understanding Different Levels of Ice Sculpture,

9. Tattooist

A tattoo is injecting ink under a layer of skin based on a design. Tattooist applies decorative tattoos on their customer’s skin. This requires creative skills to design tattoos and also apply the tattoo on the body.

Youtube Video: Day in the Life of a Tatoo Artist

10. Garden Designer

Garden designers utilized their creativity skills and their gardening knowledge to provide services like garden designing, landscaping, and planting. Good knowledge about plants is essential for this business.

Youtube Video: How to Start Garden Design Business

11. Carpentry

Carpentry businesses create, maintain, repair, or refurbish residential and commercial wood-related items. This is one of the oldest businesses and still is in high demand. Carpenters usually install all sorts of wood products doors, floors, and furniture.

Youtube Video: How to Start a $30K/Month Woodworking Business,

12. Handbag Designer

The handbag design process includes researching the patterns and drawing the bag designs. Also, the designer usually conducts the technical specification including the measurements of the bag, construction details, and material type. You need to be updated on the latest fashion trends to design the latest styles of handbags. Also, knowledge of textiles is essential for this.

Youtube Video: How 21 Years Old Started Her Own Italian Handbag Brand,

13. Antique Product Broker

Antiques are generally known as the items like clothes, artwork, woodwork, jewelry, etc which are more than 100 years old. The price of Antique products can range from $50 to $6,000. There is a huge demand for these products. The profit potential is huge if you do it properly by understanding the antique product valuation and market conditions.

Youtube Video: How To Make Money Buying And Selling Antiques,

14. Nail Artist

Nail artists are professionals who clean and apply different nail art and designs based on their customer preference. This is a very demanding business since most ladies like to apply nail arts to enhance their beauty.

Youtube Video: How To Do Business & Thrive As An Independent Nail Tech,

15. Leather Product Maker

Most people love leather-made products because they are usually well made and treated with care. They are also durable and elegant. Leather products range from belts, wallets, watch stripes, shoes, to big travel bags.

Youtube Video: Growing a Leather Business,

16. Calligrapher

Calligraphers specialize in handwriting using special ink and tools to write words in creative styles. People seek the service of calligraphers on writing in various types of cards including, invitation cards, wedding cards birthday cards. Also, the service of calligraphers requires for various sorts of graphics, videos, etc. This is a profitable business since this skill is unique and requires lots of patience and experience to conduct.

Youtube Video: Almost-Million-Dollar Calligraphy Business,

17. Art Rental

You can start a business of renting your art designs or else act as the broker. Big corporates in many sectors like hospitals, education institutes, real estate industries often seek to rent original art for a long lease period. This is passive income which you can get yearly or monthly steady income stream, which you have the potential to grow the business over $10,000 /Mo.

Youtube Video: How To Earn Over $50k a Tear with Art,

18. Clothing Design

Clothing fashion is a never-dying industry. You have to build a good sense of fashion to grow this business. There is a considerable effort required for research. You have to learn what are the current trends in fashion, establish your unique style in your brand, and keep up with the future fashion trends.

Youtube Video: How To Design A Clothing Line The Right Way,

19. Customized T-Shirt

T-shirt designing is a business which you could easily attract customers. Many educational institutes and corporates need to design t-shirts for their employees, which reflects the brand identity and uniqueness.

Youtube Video: How to Start a T-Shirt Business at Home,

20. Floral Designer

Floral designers design flower arrangements for various occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. These floral designers should have a good sense of creativity with identifying the appropriate color, size, and flower type to the client’s needs.

Youtube Video: How to Start a Flower Business from Scratch,

Here are the Bonus 20 Innovative DYI Handmade Craft Businesses Ideas,

  1. Bow and Tie Maker
  2. Candle Maker
  3. Knitting
  4. Hair Clip Maker
  5. Art Seller
  6. Tooth Paste Maker
  7. Photo Restoration
  8. Ceramics
  9. Cake Decorator
  10. Custom Embroidery
  11. Soap Maker
  12. Jewelry Maker
  13. Painting – Acrylic, Digital, Mural, etc.
  14. Photograph Seller
  15. 3D Printing
  16. Scrap Book Creation
  17. Saree Worker
  18. Bath Bomb Maker
  19. Sculpture
  20. Art Dealer

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