30 Low Investment Business Ideas For Beginners

Starting your own business is a great idea. But the most trouble for the majority of entrepreneurs like you is the high capital investment required to start a business. Most businesses require huge financial investment, but not all.

You don’t need a large capital to start some of the small businesses. Especially if you try to turn your hobby or professional education/experience into your own business.

Below are some of the best business ideas which you can start with very low investment (cost),

1. Social Media Influencer

Social media influencers get popular among their followers by building a reputation for their expertise on a specific topic or due to personality preference. These professionals usually have a loyal audience by sharing content that inspires, entertains, informs, and connects them with their followers. This direct line of communication empowers influencers to generate social conversations for the marketing campaigns.

The highest-paid social media influencer to date is a 22-year-old Kylie Jenner, who can make more than $1 million per sponsored post shared with her 164 million followers on Instagram.

2. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is someone located outside of the client’s office who manages administrative services of the client’s business. They operate from a home office remotely.

A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses, such as appointment manage, email communication management, answering phone calls, payroll management, employee information management, and creating various reports.

The demand for skilled virtual assistants is raising because businesses can get assistance from a virtual assistant to do many tasks in their organization. Some leading virtual assistant platforms are Zirtual, Delegated, OkayRelax, Woodbows.

3. Consignment Store

A consignment store is a shop that sells items that owners do no longer want (such as old clothes, shoes, and equipment). Consignment stores re-sell those used products with a profit margin.

4. DIY Handmade Craft Business

A craft business is an idea to turn your hobby into a profitable growing business. There are many diverse business prospects to share your crafting skills and enjoy a good earning.

There are many niches applicable for craft business such as Greeting Cards, Shoe Maker, Basket Weaver, Refurbish Furniture, Carpentry, Antique Product Broker, Clothing Design. You can find the 40 Best Innovative DIY Handmade Craft Businesses Ideas in the Below Article,

5. Voiceover Artist

Voiceover artists will do the off-camera voice records to accompany the video/audio productions. A voice-over artist speaks well with the right attitude and tone as per the script given. This is a demanding field in the video/audio production industry.

Voiceover artists are required for various commercials. advertisements, documentaries. films, short videos, dramas, animations, cartoons, etc.

6. Translator

Translators generally help to provide their service on precisely communicating the meaning of written words from one language to another. Translators should know at least two languages to do the translation properly.

Almost all translators work using a computer by receiving and submitting their work. Also as an additional supporting business, when you are fluent in different languages, you can start tuition for students to teach those languages.

7. Etsy Store Owner

Etsy is an eCommerce marketplace that connects sellers with potential buyers. This online platform is famous for vintage products, craft items, bags, clothing, home decor, beauty products, and jewelry. You must have an Etsy account to start selling.

Here are the 15 Unique Ways and Tips to Boost Etsy Sales,

8. CV Creation

A curriculum vitae writing business helps job applicants to create their resumes with a professional look with proper content. Hence in today’s world, most job applicants seek professional CV creation services.

9. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a trending online reselling business practice where the manufacturer ships the product to the consumer on behalf of the retailer. The retailer acts as the middle man to sell the goods to the buyer with a profit margin and place the order with the manufacturer on behalf of the buyer. The retailer can enjoy zero inventory cost.

Below is a good guide to start a dropshipping business,

10. Online Dance Instructor

This is a good business idea for you if you enjoy dancing and if you have good background knowledge. Video streaming platforms such as Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook can be used as a source to market yourself and showcase your talents.

11. Freelance Software Developer

Software development is a highly promising very low-cost business idea. It will be easy to start this business if you have background knowledge of programming. If not, you can obtain knowledge from various websites and youtube channels freely.

There are different programming languages which you can specialize like: JavaScript, Swift, Scala, There are various online freelance platforms for software development work such as Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr, Freelancer, etc.

12. UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designers consult to enhance the overall user satisfaction of an online product like mobile applications and websites. They always think from the end consumer’s perspective and focus on providing the best user experience for them.

13. Pet Grooming

This is one of the best business ideas which you can start with at a very low cost. A pet groomer is responsible for caring and grooming the pets hygienically. A pet groomer will make the pets neat looking as possible, mainly taking care of their nails, ears, and fur.

Pet owners like to get professional pet groomer service because they have the right tools, and they offer health benefits for their pets.

14. Event Planner

An event planner is a must for the success of an event. Event planning is one of the best businesses if you have good multitasking, communication, negotiation, networking, and organizing skills. Also, this is a business that you can start with a very low investment.

Events are ranging from personal to corporate. As a starting point, you can volunteer to plan family events and events of non-profit organizations to get the experience.

15. Business Consultant

Most companies get the service from business consultants who can help their businesses improve performance and manage the transition. Business consultants offer a variety of services including creating a feasible plan to achieve the targets, optimizing the business processes, advising companies to grow their revenue and overcome challenges.

You need to have some educational background and experience in the corporate sector with a good understanding of business management.

16. Career Coach

A career coach helps professionals to rise in their careers. Career coaches are experts in career planning, career path searching, cv building, job offer negotiation, and the interview process.

People consider getting the consultation from a career coach for various reasons, such as: finding a new career, changing career paths, improving networking, being qualified to get a promotion, improve negotiation skills of a job offer.

17. Children’s Book Writer

This is the ideal business if you have concepts that inspire and connect with children. You need to have a good eye for attractive content and understand the child’s mindset. AmazonKoboPubliciousIngramSparkIndieMosh, and iBook are some online book publishing platforms available in the world.

Annual print book unit sales in the United States is 675 Million and global e-book publishing revenue is $12.32 Billion (reference statista.com).

18. Nursery Teacher

This is a business to start with at a very low cost, for those who truly adore working with children. Nursery teachers provide a safe environment that facilitates education and a playing atmosphere. As a nursery teacher, you have to mainly create activities that are enjoyable and educational for the children with a good understanding of best practices and preschool educational practices.

19. Pet Sitter

Pet sitters provide care for pets while their owners are on holiday or out of the home. They offer their service by visiting the owner’s home so the pets can stay in their comfy environment.

Pet sitters provide many value-added services such as dog walking, brushing teeth, training pets, brushing fur, grooming, medications, etc. These add-on services are usually offered as a service.

20. Yoga Teacher

Yoga is a spiritual routine that involves breathing techniques and specific actions intended to encourage body movements and the mind. A yoga teacher is a person who conducts individual or group classes on yoga techniques.

Nowadays, most Yoga classes are offered in the online space. Youtube is a good platform to attract new customers and showcase your talent. They teach students different stretching poses, meditation techniques, and mindfulness living.

21. Wedding Planner

A wedding is among the most important days in everyone’s life. Wedding planning is one of the best businesses you can start with low cost if you have good communication, multitasking, networking, negotiation, and organizing skills. You have to help the couple to make their wedding day successful in organizing and coordinating the tasks throughout the event.

22. Dog Trainer

If you love to spend time with dogs, this will be a good money-earning idea. The combination of the knowledge of dog behavior with practical teaching skills is essential to train dogs.

The main duties of a dog trainer are to have a process-oriented approach to train the dogs, educate the owner with good practices to train their dog, and develop a training schedule for each dog.

23. Book Publishing

This is one of the most profitable and low-cost business ideas if you are a creative writer with some subject matter knowledge. You have to invest your time and low cost to write and publish a book.

Online book publishing is also a lucrative business. AmazonKoboPubliciousIngramSparkIndieMosh, and iBook are some online book publishing platforms available in the world.

24. Graphic Design

Graphic designers build eye-catching designs that facilitate various brand communications. To start graphic designing first you have to learn graphic design tools and principles. You can refer to various videos published on youtube or else enroll in a formal course. Then you can work on your freelancing projects to develop your graphic design skills and develop a work portfolio to showcase the work done.

25. Digital Advertising Agency

Today many businesses tend to outsource digital marketing tasks to specialized individuals or companies, instead of handling those by themselves. Digital advertising agencies provide many ways of digital solutions to promote the product or service online.

Businesses can get their expertise to hit their online sales goals and grow their business with a greater content reach.

26. Social Media Manager

Social Media Managers create and maintain brand promotion campaigns, online advertisements across various social media networks. This role was non-existent decades ago. But now, many brands get the consultation of social media experts to build their brand image and promote products/services.

Social Media Managers work to produce new ways of enhancing brand visibility, promote products as efficiently as possible, create/manage advertisement campaigns, measure performance, and be updated on digital industry trends.

27. Home Bakery

This is one of the low-cost enjoyable business ideas if you love making backed food. You can make cookies, muffins, cakes, bread, biscuits, cupcakes, and other bakery products. If you are innovative, you can think and bake new products as well.

The quickest way to earn is to partner with local fast food shops to produce bakery products for them to sell in their shops. It is possible to further extend your business to have a food truck and sell your bakery products in your food truck.

28. Drop Service

Drop servicing is where you market a service to a customer for a particular price (e.g. $100) and hire somebody to accomplish the service on behalf of you for the customer at a lower price (e.g. $80). The difference is the profit for you.

The customer will know that you have done the service, not someone else. Effective virtual team management skills are essential for this business.

29. Daycare Centre

Operating a daycare center is a blessing for those who truly love working with children. You can do this as a sole business where you can teach lessons and take care of the kids during the daytime. Parents are willing to pay extra for a daycare that truly provides care for their children.

30. Music Teacher

This is the most low-cost money-earning idea if you have a hobby of playing a musical instrument. Music teachers train their students on playing musical instruments such as piano guitar, keyboard, or violin.

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