15 Unique Ways and Tips to Boost Etsy Sales [2024]

Etsy is an eCommerce marketplace that connects sellers with potential buyers. Etsy is famous for vintage products, craft items, bags, clothing, home decor, beauty products, and jewelry. You must have an Etsy account to start selling. Etsy charges a USD 0.20 listing fee for each item, plus a 5% transaction fee when an item sells.

Etsy has the goodwill of providing a head start for low-income entrepreneurs, to start an eCommerce store business and connect with customers they may have never met. The mission of Etsy focuses on their sellers to turn their creative passions into opportunities and enable buyers to discover unique items made with care.

Following are the Most Unique Ways and Tips to Boost your Etsy Sales,

1. Utilize Etsy Selling Tools

There are many Etsy selling tools that will help to ease your day-to-day operational activities with your Etsy shop. Tools like Outfy help you create short videos and collages for your shop’s social media profiles and manage when to post them. Tools like Marmalead help you discover the most suitable long and short-tail keywords for your product listings.

There are many selling tools to optimize your listing, ease your shop’s social media posting, provide rewards when new customers introduction, target marketing, inventory management, auto-renew listing, etc.

Below are the 10 best Etsy seller apps to help grow your store,

2. Provide Discount for the Abandoned Etsy Shopping Carts

Etsy comes with a great feature where you can send the coupon codes for your customers who are about to leave their shopping cart. Leaving a shopping cart is a common bouncing way in an eCommerce platform where the customers change their minds at the last moment. But with this feature, you can convince them again to buy the products using a coupon code.

Following is a Youtube Video Guide on how to send an abandoned cart coupon on Etsy,

3. Continuously Change The Tags and Headline Of the Product Listing

Your products should be trending with any season, isn’t it? When there is any special occasion nearby, you can relate the season keyword to your item title to improve the product visibility. Seasons could be anything like Christmas or Easter. Try this to make your products have a seasonal boost in sales. But make sure the keywords are related (don’t make it spam).

4. Excellent Product Photographs

In any eCommerce store, customers will click the product by first looking at the product photo. You should have excellent product photographs in your store.

It is not really essential to have an expensive DSLR camera to capture product photos. You need to have a decent smartphone that can capture photographs. Lighting plays a huge role in increasing the product photo quality.

The following video guide is on capturing high-quality product photography with a smartphone,

The easiest and most professional way is to use a lightbox as the background and capture product photographs.

The following video is about how you can make a lightbox on your own,

5. Be Active on Pinterest

Pinterest is now the leading social media and visual search engine platform to drive traffic to eCommerce sites, blog websites, and Etsy stores.

Make sure to create an amazing Pinterest profile and create regular pins about your products and related articles. This will help you to increase the visibility of your Etsy shop across the online community.

6. Learn and Use Etsy SEO Techniques

Etsy website is highly SEO-oriented. People will mostly search a product by keywords, and based on the topmost search results, they choose the products. You need to learn about SEO techniques and strategies to rank top of the searches.

Following are some great articles you can read to get the knowledge about Etsy SEO,

Youtube video about Etsy SEO Strategy,

7. Consider to Advertise on Etsy

You can use Etsy Ads to advertise your products on the search results and other pages in Etsy. You can set your budget and choose which product listings to advertise. This is a great way to boost the initial traffic to your Etsy store and get the initial sales realized.

8. Focus on Return, Refund, and Shipping Policy

Customers usually read the return, refund, and shipping policies prior to buying the product. You need to focus on the refund, return, and shipping policy of your Etsy Shop. Try to keep these policies customer-friendly, understandable, and easy to read.

9. Maintain Amazing Social Media Profiles on Facebook and Instagram

It is essential to publish your brand outside Etsy to be a very successful Etsy seller. Facebook and Instagram are the leading social media platforms available. These platforms will help you to attract new customers to your shop and your product listings. You have to simply share the same products on Facebook and Instagram accordingly with proper attractive descriptions.

This will boost your Etsy shop visibility across social media platforms, and also increase your brand reputation in the online world.

10. Distribute Coupon Codes via Social Media

You can engage your social media shop followers via coupon codes to provide them discounts to attract new sales. This is a really good way to increase your engagements on social media platforms and also bring traffic at the same time.

11. Maintain Own Website for Your Brand

Having only an Etsy shop is not enough when you are growing. Your brand should have a separate website to share the essential information regarding your products. This will be a great way for your customers to see your brand verified in the online world.

Also, it is highly recommended to include all the details regarding your product listing and relate those to relevant keywords and SEO. This will help you to get traffic from search engines such as Google and Bing.

12. Select Proper Products

Etsy is famous to buy Jewelry, Clothing, Shoes, Home Decor, Wedding Items, Party Items, Toys, Arts, Craft Supplies, Vintage Products. Make sure your products fit into one or more categories allowed in Etsy.

You have to continuously research on products of competitor sellers about their sales volume and customer feedback to make sure you are aligned with the competition.

If you are new to Etsy, you can consider lowering your profit margin to offer prices a bit cheaper than the general competition. This will help you to grow your Etsy shop and increase the profit margins slightly.

13. Research About Successful Etsy Sellers

Theoretical knowledge is not enough for your to make your Etsy Shop business successful. You need to be aligned with the competition. You need to have a look at the shops that are doing good in your niche. Try to understand what they are accomplishing to make their Etsy shop business sky-rocketing. Apply your research to your own Etsy Shop as well.

14. Consider Free Shipping

Free shipping is a great way to realize the lead which you got into your product listing. People love that if the store offers free shipping for an order which is $50 or more. This will help to increase the sales of your store.

15. Create an Email Mailing List

Email marketing is a traditional way to boost your sales. But yet it is a successful way in these days as well. Sending email campaigns can help you keep your customers known about the new products you are launching and also improve your Etsy Shop visibility. This will make your customers visit your Etsy shop if they find anything impressive.

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