40 Most Profitable Art Business Ideas – To Earn $6,000+ Mo

Are you a creative person? If the answer is “Yes”, you have a major advantage over others in society. What if I say, if you combine your artistic skills with your desire to be an entrepreneur, and start a business to grow over $6,000 per month?

Many have done it. You can do it too.

In this article, I have gathered the most profitable 40 art-related business ideas for creative people like you.

  1. 3D Printing
  2. Art Dealer
  3. Art Rental
  4. Art Seller
  5. Art Store Owner
  6. Art Teaching
  7. Antique Product Broker
  8. Basket Weaver
  9. Blogger
  10. Cake Decorator
  11. Calligrapher
  12. Candlemaker
  13. Clothing Design
  14. Comic Book Publish
  15. Custom Embroidery
  16. Customized T-Shirt
  17. Digital Advertising Design
  18. Etsy Seller
  19. Fashion Designer
  20. Floral Designer
  21. Garden Designer
  22. Greeting Cards
  23. Handbag Designer
  24. Interior Designer
  25. Jewelry Maker
  26. Logo Designer
  27. Mobile App UI Design
  28. Motion Graphic Design
  29. Mural Painting
  30. Nail Artist
  31. Photo Restoration
  32. Photograph Seller
  33. Photography Service
  34. Pottery Maker
  35. Sculpture
  36. Soap Maker
  37. Tattoo Parlor
  38. Video Editor
  39. Website Designer
  40. Youtube Influencer

1) 3D Printing

3D Printing is a very lucrative business idea. There are many commercial niches you can serve with 3D printing. There is a huge potential in the niches like education, health, machine accessories, prototyping to earn thousands of dollars with this business.

You can refer to the article of prtwd.com on “how to make money with a 3d printer?

2) Art Dealer

An art dealer trades various art products, which are created by artists with the people or institutions looking to acquire. Simply, an art dealer is a middle man between the artist and the interested party to buy art products.

Art dealers should have a good sense of arts and a good knowledge of this niche to succeed. Creative people who have a good knowledge of arts and creativity will be able to earn thousands of dollars with this business. Most people/institutes expect art dealers to be art consultants as well to understand their needs and help them to find the best suitable art product.

3) Art Rental

Big corporates in interior design, hospital, education, real estate industries often seek to rent original art for a long lease period. You can start a business of renting your designs or else act as the broker. This is passive income which you can get yearly or monthly steady income stream, which you have the potential to grow the business over $10,000 /Mo.

4) Art Seller

You can create and sell your artwork via museums, galleries, exhibitions, and brokers. The income you can get vary between $100 to more than $10,000 based on your skill and experience.

5) Art Store Owner

You can start your art store. You can sell your creatives and you can buy them from other artists to re-sell with a profit margin. The store can be a physical store or a virtual store based on your preference. You can network with the art museums and exhibitions in your location to attract new customers. This is a very profitable business if you do it correctly with identifying the creative sense which your customers needed.

6) Art Teaching

You can start an art class to teach students to create artwork. You can share your experience in creating the artwork. Classes can be done in the form of online courses, online live classes, or else classroom training. You can create a course on your website to make a passive stable revenue stream.

7) Antique Product Broker

Antiques are generally known as the items like clothes, artwork, woodwork, jewelry, etc which are more than 100 years old. The price of Antique products can range from $50 to $6,000. There is a huge profit margin of these details if you do it properly by understanding the antique product valuation and market conditions.

8) Basket Weaver

Basket weaving is a sustainable business because most people from are always like to buy the perfect home decoration item. These items can be used as wall decor, small fruit storage, organizing items in the bathroom, storing your towels, as for your flowers, as a holder for your keys and other essentials.

People like to purchase these because it amplifies the elegance of their house. This is a very lucrative business idea if you research the products and try to wave the premium-looking baskets with unique designs.

9) Blogger

Blogging is the most appropriate business for you if you like to share your knowledge and experience in Artwork. Blogging is the best passive income business idea that can drive into a six-figure passive income. According to millennialmoney, “many of the full-time bloggers can make over $200,000 per year and work about 10-30 hours per week”.

10) Cake Decorator

A cake decorator bakes and decorates the baked products. A cake decorates usually decorates cakes, cookies, pastries as per the design need of the customers. Customer usually buys the decorated cakes for various personal and corporate events such as birthdays, anniversaries, get to gathers, weddings, etc. The professional cake decorators keep in contact with the retail bakeries, hotels, and restaurants to obtain new business.

11) Calligrapher

Calligraphers specialize in handwriting using special ink and tools to write words on artistic styles. People seek the service of calligraphers on writing in invitation cards, weddings, book covers, various sort of graphics, videos, etc. This is a lucrative freelance business since this skill is unique and requires lots of patience and experience to conduct.

12) Candlemaker

Candlemakers are an artist who creates various designs of candles. You can design and produce premium candle products with urban shapes, eye-catching colors, and an attractive smell. Candle products could vary from small candles used on a house to a fancy oil lamp using liquid candles. There is a good profit margin for premium candle products.

You may view the below video on how a 17-year-old teenager started a half-a-million-dollar candle business.

13) Clothing Design

Clothing fashion is a never-dying industry. You have to build a good sense of fashion to grow this business. There is a considerable effort required for research. You have to learn what are the current trends in fashion, establish your unique style in your brand, and keep up with the future fashion trends.

You may refer to the Article Published on masterclass.com – Step-by-Step Guide On How to Start a Fashion Brand.

14) Comic Book Publish

We all grew up surrounding some of the superhero characters in our mind like Captain America, Wolverine, Superman, Thor, Spider-man, Hulk, etc.

You could have the creativity to form an alternate reality thought to design characters in your comic book. You have to start with an idea, write a script, draw the comic designs, finalize the book and publish it. Then after you can work on marketing the same.

Comic book characters have a huge potential of intangible asset value. As a real example, superman has generated more than $500m (£310m) for Warner Bros with five films at the US box office and billions of dollars more from television, toys, and games, and comic books spanning 74 years (reference: bbc.com)

15) Custom Embroidery

Cloth embroidery is a business with huge earning potential. The initial cost involvement could be pretty much high with the embroidery machine and other equipment required. Many brands needed their logos embedded in various apparel such as caps, t-shirts, trousers, jackets, masks, etc.

You may watch the below video on How to Start Embroidery Business with a $3,500/Day Revenue,

16) Customized T-Shirt

T-shirt designing is a business which you could easily attract customers. Many educational institutes and corporates need to design t-shirts for their employees, which reflects the brand identity and uniqueness.

You can use various leading software like Photoshop, Illustrator, InkScape, or CorelDraw to design t-shirts as per your customer’s need.

17) Digital Advertising Design

This is a huge and very lucrative business which is going day by day with the technology development. You may design various forms of digital advertising content such as Facebook Posts, Instagram Photos, Pinterest Pins, Tik Tok Videos, Banner Ads on Websites, Logos, Flyers, and Brand Toolkits.

18) Etsy Seller

Etsy is an online marketplace that connects sellers with buyers. Etsy is famous for selling vintage items, handmade goods, craft products. art products, etc. You can create these art products using your talent and you can market them via Etsy.

Refer to the below article on 15 unique ways and tips to boost Etsy Sales,

19) Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are creative people who deep dive into fashion trends, sketch designs, and develop trendy fashions. Fashion Designing is one of the highly lucrative and creative businesses in the world.

Fashion designers usually develop their brand through runway shows, as well as through retail stores.

20) Floral Designer

Floral designers design flower arrangements for various occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, corporate events, etc. Floral designers should have a good sense of creativity with identifying the appropriate color, size, and flower type to the client’s needs.

21) Garden Designer

Garden designers do all aspects of gardening like designing, landscaping, and planting. This required creativity skills and also good knowledge about plants. Garden designers should consult the customers on what plats are most useful for them considering various factors like weather, maintenance, soil type, etc.

22) Greeting Cards

Greeting card design is a very profitable niche since with the continuous customer demand this product has. People buy greeting cards on various occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, job promotions, life event success, newborns, etc.

You can earn a very good profit on this business if you have the skills to design eye-catching unique greeting cards which trigger the emotions of people to buy them.

23) Handbag Designer

Recent survey findings reveal American women, on average, spend as much as $160 on a handbag and own about 11 handbags (Reference: businesswire.com).

Handbag designing is a good way to earn profit from your artistic skills. You need to identify the fashion trends and make designs/prototypes o showcase your creativity. This can be a very profitable business since ladies usually do not worry to spend on a high-quality handbag.

24) Interior Designer

Interior designers provide their consultancy for customers to make their interior spaces usable, safe, and attractive. Interior designers help customers by selecting essential decorative items, such as colors, lighting, and materials.

Interior designers should have an imaginative eye and attention to detail. They should update with new trends. Sketching ability, communication, and computer knowledge are essential skills for this.

25) Jewelry Maker

Jewelry designers are an artist who uses metals like gold or silver, and gems to create various ornaments. Typically they make the type of jewelry like bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces.

26) Logo Designer

Logo designing is a niche of graphic designing where creative individuals make a unique, eye-catching identity to a product. Every business despite small or large, retail or wholesale has a logo to represent their business. Logos are usually meaningful and attractive where it represents the company’s vision.

27) Mobile App UI Design

This is a niche where you could see substantial growth in the future. Everyone is moving to mobile now, every business, every individual uses mobile as an essential item. A well-designed user interface can raise the conversion rate by double.

You have to research the guidelines of Mobile UX building and combine your creative skills with your knowledge to design unique attractive mobile user interfaces.

28) Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphics designers create various creative work for websites, social media, televisions, and movies. There are various forms of motion graphics such as trailers, commercials, profile shoots, movies, etc.

You will need to get the knowledge of using various software to create motion graphics. After that, you can combine your creative skills with your knowledge to grow your business in motion graphic design.

29) Mural Painting

Mural painting is in the form of artwork that is done on walls and tiles. Mural painters add ambiance to building walls and streets. Many corporates seek to get the service of them to paint amazing wall art in their interior.

30) Nail Artist

Nail artists are professionals who clean and apply different nail art and designs based on their customer preference. This is a very demanding business since most ladies like to have nail arts to enhance their beauty. Nail artists should have the skill of applying artificial nails and other add-on services related to nails.

31) Photo Restoration

Photo restoration is a unique skill of using digital technologies to improve the quality of old photos and remove the damages of those. This is a unique skill that you can develop based on your creative skills and experience.

32) Photograph Seller

You can easily exchange your photography skills to various income sources, whether as a full-time job or an additional side job. Following are some ways to earn a good income from photography skills,

  • Sell your stock photos / videos online – You can sell your stock photos with various websites such as shutterstockistockphoto, and dreamstime.
  • Print your photos and sell them through gallery shops – You can print your photos and sell those to others.
  • Sell your photos at gallery events in your city – You can search about local events in your city and sell your photos at those events. This is a great way to establish a loyal customer base and also be visible to your community as a professional photographer.
  • Sell your photos to magazines – You can sell your photos to magazines.
  • Make your website and store and sell your photos – you can start your website and store once you establish your name in the community as a professional photographer. You can sell your stock photos using your website, and also you can sell prints in your store.

33) Photography Service

Most of us do photography in our day-to-day life using smartphone cameras, or else using DSLR cameras. All you need is to buy a good camera and accessories. You have to build your portfolio using social media. Photography services can be offered at all kinds of events such as weddings, parties, newborns, corporate events, birthdays, and all other events.

You can even consider selling your experience as a course or tuition class to a potential customer base.

Different ways to earn a good income from photography skill

34) Pottery Maker

A pottery maker is a creative crafts professional who use their skill to create cups, pots, plates, vases, and other types of artwork. This is a very demanding industry if you use your creative skills well to design unique products.

35) Sculpture

A sculptor is an artist who creates statues. This is a profession that requires a huge amount of patience to design and create sculptures. This is a business that has a huge potential to grow with the specialized skill required.

36) Soap Maker

Soapmakers design and create various types of soaps. You can use your artistic skills to design soap with a unique appearance. You have to do a certain level of research to choose the best ingredients and scents based on the market preferences.

37) Tattoo Parlor

A tattoo is an injection of ink under a layer of skin, based on a design. Tatoo parlor applies decorative tattoos on their customer’s skin. This requires creative skills to design tattoos and also apply the tattoo on the body.

38) Video Editor

A video editor uses the camera footage, dialogue, external sound effects, motions to produce a video product. This is one of the main roles in the video production process. A good video editor can increase the number of viewers of the video. The service of a video editor is required by televisions, youtube channels, education institutes, and advertisement firms.

39) Website Designer

Web designers create the layout and visual of the websites. Web designing is a specialized skill where you need creativity and technological skills combined together. This is a rapidly growing industry since most businesses have their own website despite the size of the business.

40) Youtube Influencer

You can grow your audience using streaming platforms like Youtube. You can demonstrate your skills and knowledge about the artwork using these platforms.

It is possible to earn a good passive income from your content on display advertisements, product endorsements (affiliate marketing), and get traffic to your website.

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