22 Lucrative Business Ideas For a Stay At Home Mom

Most stay-at-home moms like you have the willingness to earn a good income to support your family while not harming the balance of your family life. Many moms quit their job to support their families. On the other hand, a single income source does not enough to pay the bills, the home daily expenses, and to spend on kids. But there are certain businesses in which you can have a side income to support your family while respecting the balance of your family life.

All of these business ideas presented in this article will help you to get a good income while having quality time for your family.

  1. Antique Dealer
  2. Blogging
  3. Bridal Salon Consultant
  4. Career or Life Coach
  5. Child Care Provider
  6. Children’s Book Writer
  7. Consignment Store
  8. Craft Business
  9. CV Creator
  10. Dance Teacher
  11. Event Planner
  12. Fitness Trainer
  13. Freelance Writer
  14. Graphic Designer
  15. Hand Paint Artist
  16. Home-Based Bakery
  17. Interior Designer
  18. Online Affiliate Marketing
  19. Online Music Teacher
  20. Photography
  21. Social Media Influencer
  22. Virtual Assistant

1) Antique Dealer

Antique dealers purchase antiques from various sources then sell them at with a higher profit margin. Most antique dealers specialize in certain types of antiques such as furniture, advertising, or household items. With the technology advancement, antique details sell the products online through their website, or web stores such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy.

Below is a video guide on how to start an antique store booth,

2) Blogging

Blogging is the most appropriate business for you if you like researching and writing. Blogging is the best business idea for a stay-at-home mom like you that can run into a six-figure passive income. According to millennialmoney, “many of the full-time bloggers can make over $200,000 per year and work about 10-30 hours per week”.

Many ladies have made it big such as Melyssa Griffin, who lives in Los Angeles, United States, who earns $1 million per month from her blog website. The below video will be a good starting point to learn about starting your blog from her itself,

3) Bridal Salon Consultant

A bridal consultant is mainly responsible for planning the dress, makeup, hairstyle of the bride in advance of the wedding day and conducting those activities during the wedding day. They help to choose the dresses, shoes, colors, and other things of bride and bridesmaid.

This is a very profitable business which you can grow with your experience day by day.

Please find below video to understand a day in the life of a bridal consultant,

4) Career or Life Coach

A career or life coach helps people to achieve career goals and personal desired goals. They help to discontinue the adverse patterns and adverse habits. A career coach should be able to understand the desire of their clients and help them to achieve this through the correct career path.

This is a good business idea for your if you like to research and coach people to achieve their dreams.

Interested in being a Life Coach? Look into this video for more information.

5) Child Care Provider

Home childcare can be a great business opportunity if you love being with children. You can be your boss while connecting with the families in your area. If you are going to start a child care business, the initial cost of investment and the risk is very low, and the monetary opportunities are high.

According to the Employment Characteristics Survey was accomplished by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 65.8% of mothers and 93.4% of fathers with children younger than six years old were employed. You can visualize the demand for child care centers with these facts. This is an immersive and profitable market.

There are certain regulations and laws in each country/state to start a child care service. These also should be considered.

You may refer to the below video to get a good idea of how to start a child care provider home business,

6) Children’s Book Writer

This is the ideal business if you have ideas that inspire and connect with children, writing skills with a good eye for attractive content. Publishing is not a dying industry due to the online presence of books. AmazonKoboPubliciousIngramSparkIndieMosh, and iBook are some online book publishing platforms available in the world.

Annual print book unit sales in the United States is 675 Million and global e-book publishing revenue is $12.32 Billion (reference statista.com).

Please find the below video guide on how to write a children’s book,

7) Consignment Store

A consignment store is where people bring items that they no longer want (such as old clothes, shoes, and equipment) to have them sold. Consignment store pays for those products, and re-sell those with a profit margin.

Refer to the below guide on how to start a consignment store business,

8) Craft Business

Starting a craft business is an opportunity to turn your hobby into a promising business. There are various business options to share your crafting skills and enjoy a good earning.

There are many niches applicable for craft business such as Gift Baskets, Jewelry Design, Knit, Soap Make, Floral Design, Refurbish Old Furniture, Toy Make, Clothing Design, Candle Make, and Greeting Card / Birthday Card Design.

You have to do some research to identify market demand, analyze what you can offer as craft products, build a strong brand for yourself step by step, and develop a sales strategy.

Below is a guide to start a handmade business,

9) CV Creator

A CV (curriculum vitae) writing business helps job applicants to create their resumes with a professional look with proper content.

Please find the below guide on how to start a resume writing service business,

10) Dance Teacher

This is a good online business idea for you if you like dancing with good knowledge/experience. Dance instructors train dance movements and methods to individuals and groups.

There are various levels of training like basic, intermediate, and professional. Dance instructors can specialize in one or more dance genres such as Ballet, Ballroom, Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Tap Dancing, Folk Dance, etc.

Below video guide is on how to be a dance teacher,

11) Event Planner

An event planner converts an average event to a successful event. Event planning is one of the best businesses for stay-at-home moms like you if you have good multitasking, communication, negotiation, networking, and organizing skills. Events are ranging from personal to corporate including; birthday parties, anniversaries, private seminars, public conferences, industry trade shows, and more.

As a starting point, you can volunteer to plan family events and events of non-profit organizations to get the experience.

Below is a good guide on how to become an event planner,

12) Fitness Trainer

This is the most appropriate business idea for the stay at home moms who do regular workouts and maintain their health much as possible. You can help others to be fit while maintaining your fitness. It is relatively easy to be an inspiration to other ladies to be fit like you.

Social media is a good platform to showcase your fitness and attract the audience to train.

Sounds interesting? below is a video guide for you to help on starting a business as a personal trainer,

13) Freelance Writer

A freelance content writer creates various types of content online. It is possible to create content for various channels such as newspapers, magazines, websites, press releases, blog posts, emails, and newsletters.

Freelance content writers tend to specialize in chosen communications channels or industries. Content writers improve their skill of writing in a variety of different tones and styles.

There are online freelance marketplaces available with many job opportunities posted, such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer.

The below video guide is about how to start freelance writing with no experience,

14) Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is a form of communication that uses colors, shapes, images, and words to produce visual content such as logos, posters, banners, and marketing materials. Graphic designers build eye-catching designs that promote various brand communications.

To start graphic designing first you have to understand graphic design tools and principles. You can refer to different videos published on youtube or else enroll in a formal course. Then you can work on your freelancing projects to develop your graphic design skills and develop a work portfolio to showcase the work done.

You can find freelancing graphic designing work on the websites such as FiverrFreelancerToptalSimply HiredUpworkPeoplePerHour, and 99Designs.

The below is a video to guide on starting a freelance graphic design business,

15) Hand Paint Artist

If you have the artistic skills which you draw beautiful paintings, this is the best home business idea for you. The price range of a hand painting is from $350 to $3,000. The price structure various on various factors, which an artist can improve by their experience.

You can also use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to share your drawings with the potential audience. Also joining local communities is a great option to enhance your brand name. You can also consider teaching your painting lessons to others as a side income.

Below is a good guide to learn about turning art skills into a profitable business,

16) Home-Based Bakery

This is one of the best home business ideas if you are a stay-at-home mom who enjoys baking. You can make various bakery products like cakes, cookies, muffins, bread, biscuits, cupcakes, pastries, etc. If you are creative, you can think and bake your innovative products.

To sell your bakery products, you can consider partnering with local fast food shops to produce products for them to sell in their shops. You can further extend your business to have a food truck and sell your bakery products in your food truck.

Refer to your state’s occupational or health department regarding the regulations and laws set for home-baked food.

You can refer to the below video guide on what to do before you start a home bakery business,

17) Interior Designer

If you have good creative skills, interior designing can be the best business idea for you to start. Interior designers help their clients to enhance the elegance of the interior of their houses or business location. They help to achieve a more pleasing environment for the people while thinking about factors such as health.

Sketching ability and computer knowledge is essential for this business.

Please refer to the below video to understand how you can start an interior design business,

18) Online Affiliate Marketing

Online affiliate marketing is where a person recommends a product/service to their followers. When the followers purchase the product/service, the recommended person will earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing does not make you a millionaire overnight. There is a process and eventually, you can get to your target step by step.

Below is the beginners’ guide of affiliate marketing,

19) Online Music Teacher

This is the most convenient business if you are a stay-at-home mom, who has a hobby of playing a musical instrument. Music teachers train their students on playing musical instruments such as piano, guitar, keyboard, or violin. Also, they provide singing and voice training.

The below video guide is about how to start music teaching,

20) Photography

Photography is a creative skill among the ladies. Most of us do photography in our day-to-day life using smartphone cameras, or else using DSLR cameras.

You can easily exchange your photography skills to various income sources, whether as a full-time job or an additional side job. Following are some ways to earn a good income from photography skills,

  • Sell your stock photos / videos online – You can sell your stock photos with various websites such as shutterstockistockphotoalamydreamstime, and gettyimage.
  • Print your photos and sell them through gallery shops – You can print your photos and sell those to others.
  • Sell your photos at gallery events in your city – You can search about local events in your city and sell your photos at those events. This is a great way to establish a loyal customer base and also be visible to your community as a professional photographer.
  • Sell your photos to magazines – You can sell your photos to magazines such as Dodho MagazineF-Stop MagazineHarper’s MagazineNoice Magazine, and Lucy’s Magazine.
  • Offer event photography services – even photography is a very reliable service with good profit. You can offer your event photography services as various packages to your customers.
  • Teach photography expertise to others – you can sell your experience as a course or tuition class to a potential customer base. You can start your youtube channel and upload photography content to this. Also, you can partnership with course providers such as udamy to create photography lessons to earn a good income.

Below is the video guide on different ways you can earn money from photography,

21) Social Media Influencer

Social media influencer is a good business idea for stay-at-home moms like you. You can promote products like food, hotels, clothing, supplements, household items for your follower base. You will get a significant growing income once you establish a good audience for you.

There are various platforms where social media influencers can create content for their followers such as Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogging, Tik Tok, Pinterest, etc. Brands love social media influencers because they have a loyal audience who believes and follows them.

The below is a guide on becoming a Social Media Influencer,

22) Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistance conducts administrative tasks like scheduling management, making phone calls, making travel arrangements, social media updates management, and managing emails.

The demand for skilled virtual assistants is raising because businesses can get assistance from a virtual assistant to do many tasks in their organization.

Below video guide is about how to become a virtual assistant,

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