Personal Development and Leadership

Personal Development and Leadership

Tips to Deal With a Difficult Boss |

8 Tips to Deal With a Difficult Boss

In today’s corporate world, you need to know how to block the negative energies to do our best at work. These are some tips to deal with a difficult or toxic boss to give...

How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful |

How to Negotiate with Someone More Powerful

Think about the last time you had negotiated with someone. Did both had equal power? Parties in the negotiations do not have equal power at most of the time. Negotiate with someone more powerful...

Nine Tips Every Successful Negotiator Knows. Nine Secrets for Successful Negotiation. -

Nine Expert Secrets for Successful Negotiation

The ability to negotiate successfully is a must-have skill in today’s world. There could be many personal or business situations where you have to negotiate with others. You will benefit if you know some...

How Great Leaders Manage Team Conflict

How To Manage Team Conflict Successfully

When you manage a team of people, you can’t always ensure that they will work smoothly. Each person has different opinions and, under a set of circumstances, those differences may escalate to a conflict....

Seven Step Guide For Successful Negotiation

7 Steps to Negotiate Successfully on Anything

This is the simplified but result oriented seven-step guide on how to conduct a successful negotiation. This can be applied when discussing salary raise, buying a house, planning your summer vacation, or buying a...

How to be an Effective Virtual Team Manager |

How to be an Effective Virtual Team Manager

Leading a virtual team has many challenges including lack of emotional awareness, harder to resolve conflicts, and trust issues. Many corporations have asked their employees to work remotely due to the uncertainties of Coronavirus....